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Author Topic: Theme error checking  (Read 9532 times)
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« on: December 26, 2015, 09:19:02 am »

After having experiences with some of my own custom themes not working (e.g. crashing DWM, among other issues) I'd love to see some sort of built in error checking once a change is made and/or a theme is opened in WSB which indicates that there is a problem with the theme, what the problem causes (e.g. "Error: DWM functionality will not work with this theme.  Aero Glass will not function" or similar) and a "View details" link/button in the dialog/message box to indicate what the issues are and where they are (e.g. "Issue: Windows & Caption Buttons>Aero>DWM Window:<some value>:<some data>") and, assuming it is possible, details in brief on why it is an issue/how to fix it.  For example, indicate that a necessary value is missing, configured incorrectly (i.e. "cannot=0") or must be removed (property must be deleted).

I've been playing with this software for quite sometime now and ever since I started really digging into working on my own custom themes rather than making minor modifications to the default Aero theme or minor changes to the custom themes available online I seem to keep finding myself with custom themes that will not function or at least do not function without occasionally having issues such as rendering problems or crashing some of the visual components in Windows (like GDIPlus and DWM).  Having no clue on what change(s) I might have made to cause the issues makes working with my themes double or triple the work since I not only have to concern myself with creating images and making changes, but also now attempting (in vain it seems) to track down which changes are causing my problems.  Some sort of built in error checking/debugging for themes loaded in WSB would most likely go a really long way in preventing/resolving issues like mine so that I can focus on the task of creating rather than attempting to debug errors in my themes when I've no idea what I'm looking for.
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