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Author Topic: Is there ever going to be a stable release again?  (Read 3798 times)
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« on: December 25, 2014, 05:20:29 pm »

Not for nothing but I was just wondering if there is ever going to be a stable release of WSB ever again? To be honest I am getting tired of having to download a beta that expires on me every couple of months.
I understand that that program was pretty much abandoned by one and picked up by another who is learning how to code but this is getting a little bit silly here and those that have paid for this program deserve more than having WSB sit in beta for years, I mean the newer version (1.5 and above) of WSB has been in beta pretty much since Windows 8 has come out and here we are on the verge of Windows 10 being released and it is still in beta.

When we the paying customer bought WSB we were promised free lifetime upgrades, not an eternity in beta in which our software expires every couple of months and stops working.

While I do understand the challenges of coding and the difficulty of keeping up with Microsoft updates and OS 's but your only one person and without being arrogant or mean about it but if you cannot keep up with it don't you think you should get help or maybe pass it off to someone who can and will deliver a stable product?
I mean, the upgrade features that would have brought WSB from Windows 7 to 8 or 8.1 although a lot have been addressed, there are still bugs, the import / export Windows 7 themes although planned has not even been implemented and Windows 10 is set to be released in the near future.
The bottom line question here is ..... are we ever going to get a fully functional Windows Style Builder for Windows 8 / 8.1 that works without problems and is able to import themes from 7 ever? ......  Those of us who have paid for this software deserve it. Because I am absolutely sure Windows 10 is going to present a whole new set of problems for WSB.
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« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 09:33:55 pm »

The next build isn't going to have a timebomb, it was only there so it would kind of force everyone to be on the same version so I could make sure bugs weren't reoccurring in newer builds. I last spoke to Ave some time ago and he stated that he would create a COM component for creating the msstyles, that would allow me to use .NET to program WSB which would be a lot easier as I have more experience with it. This is also the primary reason I haven't put out a new build in some time.
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