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Author Topic: [SOLVED] Where are majors colors preperties in .msstyle for Win10 20H1-20H2 ?  (Read 675 times)
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« on: July 13, 2020, 11:42:16 pm »

I'm here because I would like to know where the background colours of the main windows and the text colours for the windows are located.

I already have several approaches with the WSB tool (which is poorly compatible with Windows 10 and full of bugs, even though I bought the software), but I unfortunately modify each time a value that makes my file unusable, even if I save after each modification and test.

If someone could make a theme for Windows 10 with RGB 255, 165, 0 for all texts and RGB 48, 48, 48 for all background colors (including hover colors), I would be very grateful.

I've already modified the colors in "Fonts, Colors, & System Metrics", but Microsoft's interface color coding methods have not evolved so much that making a complete theme requires a Jumanji of the impossible.

Ah yes, and I've also changed the colors in my registry: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors"

For the other specific items like the start menu button and the 3 ancestral buttons reduce maximize and close, I also know how to modify them.


EDIT: I found all properties names through last WSB beta version.
Change all colors of "TEXTCOLOR" properties, for specific colors you want to change, use "Just Color Picker Soft" (freeware) to get the RGB values. Once you get the RGB value you're looking for, search it as a "color" in WSB search field, edit a "TEXTCOLOR" color property, test your msstyles file with WSB, restore the value if it's not the one you want, etc......
Several UI "colors" (in explorer for exemple) come from very small img in the msstyles file (even 1 or 2 pixels), and some other ones come from .dll.mun files.
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