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Author Topic: High Contrast Ribbon and Power Glass Theme for Download  (Read 4180 times)
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« on: February 04, 2016, 03:59:15 pm »

So... Replace The System Files into Directory (Take Ownership) and rename the original files with (dll.original) If you want make a Restore Point first.
Bringback Ribbon Explorer and Uninstall OldNewExplorer.
Use Power Glass Theme to open High Contrast Ribbon Explorer.
This Things is for Windows 8.1 for free.
For Windows 10 will be paid in final build version.
Use StartIsBack to enjoy this beautiful transparent Start Menu theme.
Use transparency apps to get fully transparency for explorer and apps
For the Ribbon in aero mode standart theme is the office 2010 blue template. In Power Glass mode is my blue transparent template.
So.. Enjoy this Beautiful Experience for free...

I created this long time ago when I purchased my vista style builder app but my pc is broken down and I don't have pc long time ago to create themes for Windows.

Rumen Hristov.
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