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Author Topic: Edge8 Next Generation Vs Windows 8  (Read 4838 times)
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« on: November 09, 2012, 05:59:13 am »

---This is a beta version and is not the final product!---

Edge8 Next Generation Visual Style- Beta

*New ScrollBar
*New Navigation Buttons
*New Progress Bars
*Thin Taskbar when in small Icon mode
*Brand new Default Wallpaper

*New Shadows on window frames
*New Dark Style
*Inactive windows titles now greys out
*Minor sizing fixes
*Lovely new Preview!

*Fixed Windows Bottom border thickness
*Made Theme Autocolor to a color that matches your wallpaper by default
*Darkened the white lines on windows sides a tad bit.
*Side Taskbars redone, then now are colorizable.

100% Free!
-I do not support making people pay you for visual styles.
(for those who want to make money, make a donation option. People will donate eventually, rather than pay for a theme)

+Starting port to windows 8
+Supports Windows color options for start menu and window borders.

-2 Visual Styles
-2 Wallpapers
-Start8 Start Button
-Thin Border Option

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