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Author Topic: Romerah (beta)  (Read 4634 times)
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« on: June 30, 2012, 08:58:27 pm »

   Hey guys, this is my first visual style based on original Aero vs for windows 7. Created for fun.
I like clean and detailed looking designs and also UI friendly. Text are lighter then usual, but not hard to read.

   I respect other people's copyrights and expect mine to be respected as well. Please DO NOT download, copy, steal, manipulate or do anything with this content without explcit

written permission from me.

Visual Style are unique, after full realize I'll keep it here before other visual style will be ready for sharing with you and after that this one will be permanently removed!

   A lot time spent and more then 90% graphics/colors changed. Still need to improve, fix some bugs. So if you already fond any or have ideas about changes please let me know.
Thanks to Visual Style Builder creators and community! <3

   -Only aero, no basic future sorry.
   -Top and Bot taskbar
   -Small and normal size startorb
   -SP1 x64 (didn't test x86 so if it's works let me know)

Future updates:
   -Include separate Visual Styles
   -Different font
   -Close/min/max buttons

How to:
   -First you need theme patcher. Could be fond here: Link
   -Startorb changer: Link
   -Taskbar shadow: Link


01.07.2012 Link
-star menu redesign
-new progress bars

(Old content was messed some how with border padding's and many others things I couldn't fix. So this is fresh full remake of Romerah visual style based on old resource. I remade all theme and most bugs should be gone.)

-Improved graphics
-Added dark frame visual style
-Changed sound theme
-Recolored texts and borders
-Increase transparency for frames and taskbar for 10%
-Added/remade a lot default aero elements

Download: Link
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