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Author Topic: ZEUS os X , mac os X style for windows vista  (Read 4672 times)
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« on: December 23, 2008, 03:37:30 pm »


ZEUS OS X : F OS  is a Mac OSX port for WIndows (VISTA), made by IDAS = ZEUS osX.

ZEUS os X : F OS is based in the spirit of Apple, not a kind of copy.

ZEUS os X : F OS is ONLY for private use.

I am working to this from November 2006(with windows vista rc1 first, and vista rtm after) UP to now December 2008.

There are 2 main categories of the visual styles i made.
The first categorie is for using them on Aero mode, and the second is for using only on Aero Basic mode.
The reason is because the windows system change the dimentions of an mstyle.
Also  there are some subcategories in each one of those 2 categories.
In some of the visual styles i made [to those with  letter X at the end of their title], i have added on the place of the adreessband, a kind of buttons that on native are only glyphs, only images with not any propertie on them.

The reason for made this kind of visual styles having designed buttons without functionality, is that if someone makes an application which could set windows vista commands to the place of the address bar, as i have described and asked for, because on normal microsoft visual style there is no space, what i did is ''realeased'' space, for enabling exist that application, by removing the adressbar ''propertie'' to the right size of the window, then we will have a kind of fuctionality to them.
See the specification i made and asked from anyone could make this kind of application
The idea of me was if with only 1 or 2 clik of the mouse the user could control a window's area, and not as now, who has to open  several menus.
This added designed buttons has problem onInternet explorer as they leave little space for the web adresses on adressbar. But on pack included visual styles also with not this added buttons.

description in general for the visual styles:

no horiziontal line on the down size of navigation pane [little up from where explorer ' Folders ' exist
internal borders on navigation pane and on the main right surface of the window
new redesigned style of butons (browseui.dll + image elements redesigned on mac style see forexample search  
NEW menu bar on applications (= menu bar for notepad, photoshop etc), and new butons with white mouse over text.
NEW menu bar on explorer window (= menu bar for my computer, my documents etc), and  white mouse over text.
New searchbar redesigned. Specific designed [searchbar]on start menu bar, new white arrow on All Programs.
New designed light blue  tab item ,toolbar, and butons for browser, see on internet explorer  
New Comunications blue [mac spotlight style] toolbar and buttons [transparent style ones], see on Windows Fax and  Scan.
also to Windows Calendar  and Windows Mail.

The transparent version based on the brushed style.
Basic versions has closer the close,max,min buttons.  
Those with the L LETTER mean with long height of titlebar, and those with S letter mean with a shorter height of titlebar.

thanks to PandaX for support.

Ave Andreas, this final work is vista style builder made.

Special thanks to UK Intel, moin moin, Pcycob , Patrickgs and all people.

The theme will have some limitations in use, as i have not enough time to complete in the way i want.

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Zeus.
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