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Author Topic: Image adding bug.  (Read 4986 times)
Panda X
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« on: April 26, 2010, 07:50:30 am »

Ave if you're reading this, this is the same bug as reported yesterday with extra detail.

1. Add a few images between tests/saves
2. One image is skipped entirely.
3. The image property shows up with the image and a property. However if you reopen the theme you'll see it's value is null.
3A. Importing a new image to replace that null property causing WSB to crash (what I showed you yesterday Ave)
4. Remove the property.
4A. Adding the property back will just start you a #2 and you'll loop.
5. Save the theme.
6. Error compiling theme yada yada yada.
7. Save the theme.
8. Close VSB.
9. Open VSB and re-add the property.
10. Save.
11. Error compiling etc.
12. Save.

And now it's fixed.
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