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1  Tips and Visual Styles / Visual Styles / Re: Win7 Star Trek LCARS Style on: March 05, 2013, 12:53:23 am
By the way don't forget that on a 64 bit system 64 bit files are in System32 while 32 bit files are in SysWOW64.

So if you are replacing these bitmaps and you have a 64 bit system do it in a copy of shell32.dll from System32 not SysWOW64.

Great thanks for the reminder :-)
2  Tips and Visual Styles / Visual Styles / Re: Win7 Star Trek LCARS Style on: March 02, 2013, 02:29:17 pm

Sorry, but I couldn't see your Screenshot in this post

I've turned the picture insert to a Hyperlink just so you can see the theme with the "Full Glass" app applied, it adds to the theme don't you think?

But the most of it are working for the 32bit Windows only!
For the 64bit system I couldn't change the dll file because I do not have a 64bit sytem.

No problem if you tell me how, where and with what program to use (like resource Hacker of restorator 2007), to insert the Control Panel left pane image, which I believe is image number #632 or #633, I'll insert them myself at my own risk?
As usual for good practice I will create a restore point and also back up my OS using Acronis backup software before applying this newly created shell 32 to go into the sysWOW64 folder which allows me to restore my OS in 15 minutes if anything goes wrong so there's no real risk at all.

This will also allow me to test any other 64-bit editions/extensions for you so you can increase the users who will want to use this file?

Incidentally are you considering and Windows 8 version of this theme, if so I will be a beta tester for you?

PS. Just to show you my commitment to the Star Trek universe here is a screenshot & video of my Windows Mobile 6 mobile phone with a LCARS theme :-)

Thank you very much for your donation  Smiley Smiley Smiley

It's my pleasure to contribute after all your hard work on this theme for over a year. I cant believe how extensive and complete this theme is, including many third party programs menu tabs etc, very impressive!
3  Tips and Visual Styles / Visual Styles / Re: Win7 Star Trek LCARS Style on: March 01, 2013, 01:38:17 am
hello and thank you for this visual style, it's very impressive so I made a donation  (I use a different e-mail for my PayPal account).

 I'm just having a few issues with my shell32.dll's in system32 or sysWOW64 because I'm getting a white background on the left-hand pane of control panel (see sky drive photo below), can you provide a extension download URL as the one you mention in your instruction PDF guide for white backgrounds isn't working?

Many thanks
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