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Title: caption buttons / taskbar
Post by: gheepard on February 05, 2017, 12:51:32 pm
I'm using Windows 10 ( 13939 ) and i have some issues with the caption buttons and the taskbar, with the attached visual style
The caption buttons have a bigger gap between them, than on Windows 7 ( and they are a bit smaller )
The taskbar isn't grey, i can't read the letters on the minimized applications on the taskbar
Would you please tell me how to fix those ?
I already did as Mr. Grim explained here
The Start Menu doesen't bother me at all, but if i could find a way to change the background color, would be great
Thank you in advance, any advices are welcome

LE : isnt here the right location for the taskbar height ?

Here is a printscreen with the taskbar / browser minimized